Really, I’m A Maker

I didn’t realize…. how much I really have NOT been blogging around here… or anywhere. Actually.

The actuals of the actual is…. get ready for it…..


I’ve been totally making….. I promise.

Wanna see?



These guys!! Can you see their shorts? I made these shorts from Dana’s fabulous shorts pattern.

I cut up a bunch of scraps into strips, sewed them together, and made shorts from corduroy scraps I had around. I really LOVE corduroy.  And we call these Town Pants.

As a maker, I CAN’T just make clothes.


This is some soap I made.  It makes the best bubbles! Half coconut oil and half olive oil.

I might have mentioned how I live in the woods.  This means Elder flower tincture and Elder berry juice have been harvested, collected, and made around here.

O yeah.


I made some lippy too.  Super simple to do, when you have the right stuff.  These sparkle lippies went as gifts to party goers of a super fabulous Rainbow Sparkle Party.  I really have the best friends who throw parties like that.

So I’ve been busy making! What are you making these days?


I would LOVE to hear what you think!

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