I can’t believe I made this! 

This was a fun project. I started out thinking it would be no problem because I’M SURE there’s a pattern. 

And I’m speaking of a PDF pattern. 

Because… well, that’s how I roll. 


I couldn’t find one! Not exactly. 

I used this pattern but had to modify it to fit this guy. It’s a free pattern so, I figured couldn’t hurt. 

See this ☝️️? Not part of the pattern. I actually had to figure it out! It has odd dimensions. Fancy welt pocket that holds….

Something special! Approximately 15 inches long. 

The little guy was so happy and said he wished he could wear it everyday. 

I told him, go ahead! Start a new trend! 

The giant hood is my favorite. He could hide out in there. 

The other modification to the pattern besides the welt pocket was that I fully lined it. It just seemed nicer. 

Thanks for clicking by!

Ps. Thanks to my friend, the mom, for giving me pictures. 

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