Fun Vest in Our Midst

Usually it seems….

Vests are for boys. 

Say What?!?

This Bradley Vest by Momma Quail patterns can go either way. 

I felt very blessed, to test, this vest…. pattern. 

I love the unique options! 

Such as: mandarin collar, color blocking, interesting (to say the least!) wrap around to the back shoulder seams, faux welt pockets, fully lined garment and options for the back tabs. 

I used a snap because I wasn’t into the traditional vest buckle hardware. I’m just snappy. 

And I like it that way. 

There is also a tie version for the straps, but like I said: snappy. 

And I realize with my fabric choice, you cannot fully appreciate the cool visual detail of the slanted shoulder seams. Trust me. It’s cool. 

Want your own? 

Check out the Bradley Vest in Momma Quail Pattern shop on etsy. 

Thanks for clicking by. 


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